View on strategic planning

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have a strategy and a plan about where I’d like to be in three years, but I never let the plan get in the way of the first shot in the battle.

I see a lot of organizations trying to make the world fit their plan.  It’s not possible. The world is changing too quickly. The ability to be nimble is the single determinant between those that are succeeding and those that are failing. Rigidity is the enemy of progress. The most successful companies embrace the world’s chaotic energy. Chaos opens up opportunities.


“the trust principles”, drives our DNA and ensures that we are ethical, honest, and not conflicted in the way we works.

I really believe we’re doing something for the world.  People are passionate and incredibly energetic.  And at the core of our culture is organizational curiosity.

I think curiosity is an enormous determinant of organizational and individual success.

I try to push our company out into the world.  It’s very easy for companies to get introspective.  It’s very easy for companies to be convinced that the actions inside are the answers. When you’re a big company, there’s a lot of action inside, but we must be curious and nimble utilizing real time information.  That is why rigidity is the real the enemy.


I do something called “deep dives” with everybody from my general council to my head of sales to my head of marketing 3 of 4 times a year. We don’t talk about results.  We talk about the world and the business and strategy.

We don’t discuss, “How are you doing according to your plan?”  Instead we discuss, “How are we going to be the world’s best in India?”  “How are we going to double the size of this business in three years?”

And a lot of times, those are just very whiteboard-type thinking sessions which I think ultimately drive organizational curiosity.

Leadership philosophy

I try to avoid being hierarchical. I try to be optimistic and curious and encourage innovation everywhere.

Running a company is fine.  Changing a company is what energizes both me personally and the organization.  There’s no such thing as going sideways.  If you’re going sideways, people get antsy, they get miserable, the organization stagnates and you’re going backwards even if you kid yourself that you’re going sideways. So I try to help the company get into that energizing innovation and breakthrough.



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