Paul Buchheit

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Paul Buchheit is an American computer programmer and entrepreneur. He was the creator and lead developer of Gmail. He developed the original prototype of Google AdSense as part of his work on Gmail. He also suggested the company’s now-famous motto “Don’t be evil” in a 2000 meeting on company values.The motto was originally coined in 1999 by Amit Patel, one of Google’s first engineers, in a collaborative resistance against the company’s hiring policies.

Buchheit grew up in Webster, New York and went to college at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He worked at Intel and later became the 23rd employee at Google.

Buchheit was a founder of the startup FriendFeed, which was launched in 2007 and was acquired by Facebook in 2009, in a private transaction.

In 2010, Buchheit left Facebook to become a partner at the venture capital firm Y Combinator. From 2006 (when he started investing) until 2008, Paul invested about $1.21 million in 32 different companies. He also continues to oversee angel investments of his own, in (by his own estimate) “about 40” startups.

He won the 2011 The Economist Innovation Awards for the Computing and telecommunications


NIIT TECH overview

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NIIT Technologies is a Global IT solutions organisation, with its footprint spanning North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Ranking among India’s Top 20 IT services players, the company offers a gamut of services in the areas of Application Development Management and Enterprise Solutions, encompassing Managed Services and Business Process Outsourcing.

The company has been building differentiators in select industry verticals such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Travel, Transportation and Logistics (TTL), Manufacturing and Distribution based on its deep domain knowledge and new approaches to customer experience management.


IT Solutions, SAP, Banking, Insurance, Travel Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing, Government


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